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2019 has emerged as one of the most diverse years ever for Academy Award nominations, thanks to an outstanding number of films from around the world, especially Mexico’s Roma and England’s The Favourite, both of which received 10 nominations including Best Picture. Diversity also played a role in American-made film nominations, with BlacKkKlansman receiving five, and Black Panther earning seven — along with the distinction of being the first superhero film to ever be nominated for Best Picture.

Such diversity is cause for celebration! Here’s everything you need to plan your party, including a menu representing nominees from around the world.

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Get Pumped Up with the Black Panther Playlist

It’s hard to pick one favorite moment in Black Panther but one thing is for sure: The songs on the soundtrack rocked, and even the Academy agreed: It received nominations for Best Original Score (by Ludwig Goransson) and Best Original Song (“All The Stars”), as well as several nominations for sound mixing. Download the soundtrack and put it on as guests arrive to pump them up before for the big show.

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Walk Your Own Red Carpet in Style

One of the best parts of the Academy Awards is watching celebrities walk the red carpet in their finest – and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same! It is the perfect night to get dressed up, and put on that floor-length ball gown or tuxedo you probably haven’t worn since your best friend’s wedding. Put out a red carpet floor runner (available on Amazon; $10) so that your guests can arrive in style.

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Serve an Around-the-World Menu

With so many countries represented in this year’s nominations, we couldn’t resist putting together a menu for your Academy Awards Viewing Party that features dishes from around the world – wine pairings included!

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Start Your Night in Japan

Sushi is an elegant way to kick off your Academy Awards Viewing Party while paying homage to one of the Best Animation Feature nominees, Mirai, directed by Mamoru Hosoda. But we strongly recommend leaving the art of sushi to the experts, and ordering a selection of rolls from your local Japanese restaurant. Arrange them on a pretty serving platter and serve with Sofia Blanc de Blancs or Director’s Pinot Noir.

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Next, Travel to Mexico

Show your enthusiasm for Roma’s 10 nominations — including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography — by making this Mexican Beet Soup with Chipotle Beets, which is delicious served chilled or warm alongside Director’s Chardonnay.

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Do the Right Thing: Serve an Oscars-Worthy Pizza

Pay respects to Spike Lee for his phenomenal work on BlacKkKlansman with his favorite food: Pizza. (In fact, he is so well-known for his obsession with pizza that he’s the face of JetBlue’s “Pie in the Sky” program!) But don’t serve just any pizza: Make it Oscar-worthy by jazzing it up with calamari and chorizo. Cut it into small slices for easy eating, accompanied by Director’s Cut Sauvignon Blanc.

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End with a Crowd Favourite: Peach Cobbler

With 10 nominations for The Favourite, it’s only fitting to end the night with this British-style peach cobbler, which comes together quickly in an Instant Pot and pairs nicely with Director’s Cut Chardonnay.

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2019 Award Shows Party Planner
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