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2019 Award Shows Party Planner

What Type of Viewing Party Should You Host?


How much time do you have to prepare for your party?

  • A) Not much.
  • B) A few hours.
  • C) It’s my top priority!

Your television habits most often involve:

  • A) Channel surfing -- whatever is on is fine.
  • B) Watching shows that my friends recommend.
  • C) DVR’ing so that I don’t miss an episode.

When hosting a party, you:

  • A) Like to have it at your place but want friends to help with planning.
  • B) Deal with everything a few hours ahead of time so I can spend more time with my guests.
  • C) Think of every little detail so that my party is absolutely perfect.

When it comes to party decor, you usually:

  • A) Um, no. Just no.
  • B) Buy ready-made decorations as much as possible.
  • C) Make everything yourself. I’m DIY’r!

When you plan a vacation, do you:

  • A) Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • B) Look for an all-inclusive air/hotel/car tour package.
  • C) Create a detailed itinerary ahead of time so you know how every second will be spent.

Your sock drawer is:

  • A) A drawer just for socks? Huh?
  • B) In a chaotic state that only I understand.
  • C) Organized by color and type.

What does your ideal guest list look like?

  • A) I always tell friends to bring guests – I love meeting new people.
  • B) The more, the merrier!
  • C) An intimate group of close friends.

When you go to a shopping mall, you:

  • A) Always take a friend with you.
  • B) Go to a store with the widest selection possible.
  • C) Research before you go so you know exactly what to buy.
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Make it a Best in Pot Luck Party

You are an easy-going host who loves to throw parties where everyone contributes. Make your Award Show Viewing Party a pot luck feast, and ask each guest to bring their best-ever dish. For your contribution, you can serve the best version of mac and cheese ever, Garganelli with Raclette and Parmesan, and pair Sofia Blanc de Blancs. No time to cook? Put together a cheese platter or create a mezze platter with store-bought spreads like hummus, tzatziki or baba ganoush. Ask guests who aren’t into cooking to help set an award-winning mood like a playlist and party decorations. At the end of the night, do your own thank-you speech, and give a shout out to your cast and crew for making this film (er, party) possible.

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Do a Best in Buffet Party

You like a good party, but you’d rather spend time with guests than prepping in the kitchen. A buffet-style Award Show Viewing Party means your guests can graze whenever they like, and you don’t have to miss a moment. You’ll want to make everything in advance such as this Instant Pot French Dip or this easy lasagna. Or, do a Spanish-inspired tapas buffet menu and pair with Sofia Brut Rose. Spruce up your buffet table with award-style decorations you can purchase at any party store, and download printable ballots so you and your friends can play along.

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Host a Red Carpet-Style Soiree

This is your role of a lifetime! You plan the best parties, and award show season is the perfect opportunity to go all out with your super hosting skills. Plan a multi-course dinner, and make sure to DVR the award show so that you can pause it while you prepare each course. Place a red carpet near your entryway for your guests’ arrival, and greet them with an easy but impressive hors d’oeuvre like Smoked Salmon Mousse with Crostini. Make a crown roast of pork, the perfect show-stopping dish for a special occasion, accompanied with this glammed up potato gratin. Pair with Diamond Collection Golden Tier Oregon Pinot Noir . End the show with a decadent finale of dark chocolate panna cotta. Decorate your space with as much gold and silver as possible, and don’t forget to wear your best red carpet-worthy gown or tuxedo!

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2019 Award Shows Party Planner
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