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Château de la Galinière

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The GCF Group is the privileged partner of wine-growers in the great wine-producing regions of France and a viticulturist and maturation specialist at the head of over 2,000 ha of vineyards. In just one generation, they have become a major stakeholder in Languedoc.

The local grapes, like Carignan and Grenache, are well adapted to the climate and if you are lucky to have old vines with long roots it is even better. Today Carignan, once the work horse of the bulk wine industry, is by many considered the most typical grape of the region. Explore the chateaus below.

Château de la Galinière

The Château de La Galinière is located close to Aix-en-Provence. It covers forty hectares on the plateau of Cengle, at the foot of Mountain of Sainte Victoire. Characterized by its red soil, the vineyards are fully trellised to face the onslaught of the Mistral and capture maximum daylight. The Château has been practicing organic viticulture since the 2014 harvest. Download the Guide to Château de la Galinière