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The sun-drenched south of France, synonymous with beaches and Mediterranean cuisine, is also a prolific producer of wine. Vineyards sit at the foot of mountains, overlook lakes, and hug the coast of the azure sea. In the central swath known as Languedoc, around 100,000 acres encompass 23 AOCs or Appellation d’Origine Controllées. It’s a landscape of rugged beauty, rich history, and distinct wines that speak to the character of the local people. Some call it Provence without the tourists.

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With a bit over 200,000 hectares (almost 500,000 acres). A quarter of the French vineyard acreage. It has a variety of climates and a matching variety of wine styles. Vines grow both along the Mediterranean and in the mountainous inland. People are often amazed, considering the warm and dry climate, that also high quality sparkling, dry white wines and even great pinot noir wines are produced here. The mountains and the winds give cooler sites enabling the talented producers to make wines with startling freshness.