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Having a hard time deciding whether to party in the parking lot before a big game, or to chill at home? We know it can be a tough call. To help you decide, just answer the five questions below. No matter what you end up doing, there’s one decision that’s super easy to make: What to drink! The portability of Bota Box Wines makes them easy to join you everywhere, whether you tailgate or homegate.

  1. What’s the weather forecast? If it’s sunny, the answer is simple: Go tailgating! Even if it’s drizzling rain, you can still go because football and mud are practically made for each other. But if it’s extremely raw and/or snow is called for, it may be better to watch the game at home to avoid a cold, miserable time in a wet parking lot. Plus, if snow is really coming down, it may inhibit your view of the game from the bleachers.
  2. How good are your seats? Let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s better to watch the game from home so you can have an unobstructed view. If the only tickets left are so-so, then skip it and stay home.
  3. Do you like crowds? There’s nothing like rowdy tailgaters to rev you up before a big game! But if you’re not up for a noisy environment, then you’re probably going to be happier homegating.
  4. What do you feel like eating? Tailgating is often synonymous with grilling, so if you’re in the mood for barbecue-friendly foods like burgers and hot dogs, you’ll probably be happy hanging in the parking lot, chowing down with your friends. You can also check out our listicle on ways to elevate your tailgate if you want a few additional options from the standard burgers & hot dogs. But if you want more menu options, stay home instead.
  5. Is budget a concern? Tailgating usually involves spending more money than homegating, with additional costs such as transportation to the game; gas; supplies to party outside; and the price of tickets. Whether you homegate or tailgate, you can get some budget friendly no-cook party app ideas here. If money is an issue, you can still have fun at home: Get comfortable in front of the television; make some quick and easy munchies; and grab some Bota Box for you and your friends.