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Sometimes the best parties are the ones that happen at the last minute! Plus, it means no stress because there’s simply no time for it. To do a last-minute party right, all you need is a few friends, a Bota Box (or two!), and appetizers that are low on effort – and easy on the wallet:

1. Who doesn’t love food on a stick? You can’t go wrong with slices of prosciutto, cheddar cheese and apple piled on a toothpick, or mozzarella, grape tomatoes, olives and artichoke hearts strung onto a bamboo skewer.

2. For an adventurous cheese-loving crowd, go beyond the obvious and serve them a selection of blue cheeses with crackers, dried fruits and bread. Not into blues? Get other ideas for a cheese party here.

3. Everything’s more impressive when cucumbers are involved! Top your favorite cracker with a store-bought hummus, a thin slice of cucumber and a sprig of fresh dill.

4. Create a more interesting crudité plate by making your own dips like French onion, black bean and spinach artichoke dip – any of which can be done in minutes without turning on your stove.

5. Get creative with cookie cutters! Order a few pizzas unsliced. Cut the pizza into fun shapes using a cookie cutter – the more shapes, the better!

6. Take fancy toast to a whole new level with a Pistada with Crostini, which only involves blending pancetta, garlic, and herbs together, and then spreading it on top of a toasted slices of baguette.

7. Make mini-Cuban sandwiches by piling pieces of ham, Swiss cheese and a mini-gherkin pickle on top of toast.

8. Really don’t feel like doing a thing? Just order takeout! Remove the food from their containers, and serve on pretty dishes.