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Few European wine regions are as Instagrammable yet undiscovered as Southwest France. From the River Tarn in Gaillac to the Tannat vineyards of Madiran, this quiet pocket boasts fascinating wines and landscapes. Search our Southwest France wine guide’s dozens of Southwest France wine reviews for details on producers, wines, and ratings.

Château de Chambert Grand Vin 2014 (Cahors)

Produced from the best parcels of this biodynamically run estate, this wine is powerful and very rich.

94 points $35.00 Cahors

Vignobles Brumont 2014 (Madiran)

This is the latest release from this Madiran showpiece estate on steep vineyards surrounding a grand chateau.

94 points $35.00 Madiran

Jean-Luc Baldès Clos Triguedina Probus Malbec 2008 (Cahors)

There is great power, yet balance here. The wine has firm, rich fruits, with solid dark tannins to go with layers of fresh acidity and a dense texture.

93 points $18.65 Cahors

Vignobles Brumont Château Bouscassé Tannat-Cabernet 2015 (Madiran)

This blend of Tannat with both Cabernets is still young and displaying plenty of firm tannins.

93 points Madiran

Château de Cayx Malbec 2015 (Cahors)

Produced from a selection of parcels, this wine comes from the showpiece estate of Cayx that has connections with the Danish royal family.

93 points $18.99 Cahors

Château de Gaudou Le Sang de Ma Terre Malbec 2018 (Cahors)

Fermented and aged in an oval-shaped tank, this wine is very young, packed with black fruits and still dominated by tannins.

92 points $19.00 Cahors

Château Vincens Origine Malbec 2016 (Cahors)

Still very young, this perfumed wine is rich with tannins and black fruits. Its concentration is impressive, bringing the ripe fruits firmly

92 points $20.00 Cahors

Domaine des Terrisses Terre Originelle Red 2017 (Gaillac)

A blend of Braucol, the rare and very local Prunelart and Syrah, this elegant and balanced wine offers great red-fruit flavors.

92 points $22.00 Gaillac

Vignobles Pelvillain Château de Cénac Cuvée Prestige Malbec 2015 (Cahors)

The vineyard surrounding the medieval castle of Cénac has produced a dense wine that is still young. Concentrated, rich from the ripe

91 points $26.00 Cahors

Château de Chambert Malbec-Merlot 2014 (Cahors)

This wine comes mainly from biodynamically grown grapes produced on this 17th-century estate.

91 points $29.00 Cahors

Château du Cèdre Red 2016 (Cahors)

The estate wine from this producer, this is firm and tannic while also bursting with black fruits.

91 points $28.00 Cahors

Château Lamartine Prestige du Malbec 2016 (Cahors)

This wine is all about ripe black fruits. The 15% Merlot in the blend softens the Malbec tannins without diluting the

91 points $18.00 Cahors

Château Laulerie Juste Terre Cabernet Franc 2016 (Bergerac rouge)

Aged in clay amphorae after fermentation, this wine is full of ripe tannins and perfumed black fruits.

91 points $25.00 Bergerac rouge

Château Saint-Sernin de Calcaire Malbec 2015 (Cahors)

The chalky third terrace of the four hillside Cahors vineyard levels has produced a wine that is smooth and ripe, rounded with integrated tannins

91 points $15.00 Cahors

Château Vincens Prestige Malbec-Merlot 2016 (Cahors)

This is a powerful, wood-aged wine. With smoky, ripe black-fruit flavors, it has density as well as acidity.

91 points $20.00 Cahors

Château de Gaudou Renaissance Malbec 2017 (Cahors)

Equally full of fruit and acidity, this wine has a solid structure. Black-currant flavors are supported by the dense tannic texture.

90 points $19.00 Cahors

Château Laulerie Juste Ciel Sémillon 2016 (Bergerac blanc sec)

Wood aged, now mature, this Sémillon is ripe and creamy. Light spiciness and hints of apricot and pear contrast with

90 points $25.00 Bergerac blanc sec

Domaine des Terrisses Red 2017 (Gaillac)

Brigitte and Alain Cazottes, whose ancestors have been at this domaine for seven generations, have produced a ripe,

90 points $18.00 Gaillac

Domaine du Moulin Vieilles Vignes Red 2016 (Gaillac)

A wood-aged wine with toast and spice as well as plenty of black-fruit flavors, this is still young.

90 points $19.00 Gaillac

Domaine Tariquet Premières Grives Gros Manseng 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

This soft, lightly honeyed wine offers a fine celebration of the Gros Manseng's balance between sweetness and acidity.

90 points $21.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Le Clos du Breil Expression White 2015 (Bergerac sec )

Four years after harvest, the Sauvignon and Sémillon in this blend have assumed mature flavors.

90 points $14.00 Bergerac sec

Vignobles Arbeau Château Coutinel Red 2018 (AOP Fronton)

Aromatic with violets and black cherries, this wine is dominated by the local Négrette grape.

89 points $16.00 AOP Fronton

Château Saint-Sernin de Galets Malbec 2016 (Château Saint-Sernin de Galets Malbec)

From the stony clay soil of the second terrace above the Lot river, this wine has a firm structure, with plenty of

89 points $13.00 Château Saint-Sernin de Galets Malbec

Domaine d'Arton La Croix d'Arton Red 2017 (Côtes de Gascogne)

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are blended in this ripe, full wine. With a spicy edge and a rounded texture,

89 points $13.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine d'Arton Les Hauts d'Arton White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

Although Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc dominate this wine, it's intriguing to taste how the 10% Gros Manseng adds

89 points $12.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Barouillet Blanc White 2018 (Bergerac Sec)

An attractive blend of grapes that includes perfumed Sauvignon Gris and even some Chenin Blanc, this wine is

88 points $18.00 Bergerac Sec

Château Clamens Caractères Red 2015 (Fronton)

Aged in wood, this wine offers flavors of black fruits and licorice, with some firm tannins as well as spice.

88 points $23.00 Fronton

Château Lamartine Malbec-Merlot 2016 (Cahors)

A small proportion of this wine was lightly aged in wood. But black fruits are the essence of this textured wine

88 points $20.00 Cahors

Domaine la Croix des Marchands Cuvée Elégance Red 2016 Caractères (AOP Fronton)

This is a blend of Syrah and Braucol, 50% of each. It has a good balance between juicy black-currant freshness and a

88 points $11.00 AOP Fronton

Domaine de Joÿ Envie White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

The herbal character of this young wine is right out there. Its tangy character is underlined by the orange zest and

88 points $17.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine de Guillaman Les Hauts de Guillaman Merlot 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

Surprisingly rich for a red wine from the Côtes de Gascogne, this wine has ripe red-berry fruits and stalky tannins.

88 points $20.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Laurens Cuvée Pierre Rouges 2018 (Marcillac)

This young wine still has an earthy, yeasty character that needs to blow off. That will leave a wine full of spice, black fruits,

88 points $15.00 Marcillac

Barouillet Bergecrac Rouge Red 2018 (Bergerac)

A ripe, smoky blend of Bordeaux grapes gives this full-bodied wine. Soft tannins and flavorsome red-berry

87 points $18.00 Bergerac

Château Clamens Rosé 2018 (Fronton)

A blend of Negrette and Cabernet Franc, this fresh wine is crisp with raspberry flavors and light acidity.

87 points $13.00 Fronton

Château Tour des Gendres Cuvée des Conti White 2017 (Bergerac Sec)

The ripeness of Sémillon gives this wine its warm apricot and pear flavors. The acidity and perfume from Muscadelle add

87 points $18.00 Bergerac Sec

Domaine du Moulin Red 2017 (Gaillac)

This lightly tannic blend of Syrah and Duras has ripe, juicy blackberry fruits and a smoked bacon flavor.

87 points $14.00 Gaillac

Domaine de Guillaman Les Pierres Blanches White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

White stones (pierres blanches) is the name of the chalky soil of the vineyard. This fruity, fresh and light wine has

87 points $10.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Laguille La Rencontre by Laguille White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

Sauvignon Blanc in this blend has been given a soft stroke with the addition of Gros Manseng.

87 points $-9.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Roumagnac O Grand R Red 2016 (Fronton)

This blend of Négrette and Cabernet Sauvignon is juicy with pepper and red-plum flavors.

87 points $12.00 Fronton

Domaine Tariquet Classic White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

This is the Grassa family's most widely sold wine. With simple, crisp lemon and grapefruit flavors,

87 points $13.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Georges Vigouroux Hommage à Germain Vigouroux Malbec 2018 (Comté Tolosan)

This is a young wine, full of easy black-fruit flavors and soft tannins. It shows that Malbec is able to make

87 points $16.00 Comté Tolosan

Jean-Luc Baldès Clos Triguedina Red 2013 (Cahors)

This blend of Malbec, Merlot and Tannat is lean and austere—probably the effect of the vintage.

87 points $34.00 Cahors

Domaine de Joÿ L'Eclat White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

This fresh and fruity wine is crisp, clean and full of bright lemon and grapefruit flavors.

86 points $10.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Estrade Blanc Sec White 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

This blend of Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc shows classic Gascon freshness, with attractive white and

86 points $12.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Estrade Rosé 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

Totally crisp and full of red-currant fruits, this wine is light as a feather and dry with acidity as well as

86 points $12.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Domaine Laurens Cuvée Eglantine 2018 (Marcillac)

The Fer Servadou grape (Mansois) has produced a rich, spicy wine. Ripe strawberry flavors are lightly structured,

86 points $15.00 Marcillac

Georges Vigouroux Hommage à Germain Vigouroux Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (Côtes de Gascogne)

This lively, light-textured wine has a touch of minerality to go with the attractive white and citrus fruits.

86 points $15.00 Côtes de Gascogne

Château Laur Vieilles Vignes Malbec 2015 (Cahors)

Ripe and lightly textured, this wine has plenty of red fruits and juicy acidity.

85 points $13.00 Cahors

Domaine Laguille Ugni Blanc-Colombard 2018 (Domaine Laguille Ugni Blanc-Colombard)

A classic blend of grapes from the Côtes de Gascogne, this wine is crisp, lightly herbal and full of perfumed fruit.

85 points $10.00 Domaine Laguille Ugni Blanc-Colombard

Vinovalie L'Infini Malbec 2016 (Cahors)

This soft, rounded wine is now ready to drink. Black fruits and warm tannins have come together in a ripely structured,

85 points $14.00 Cahors