Summertime – when trees are flush with birds and leaves, and dreams of outdoor barbecues become reality again. When the temperature rises, our eating habits change. Simpler dishes of fresh and (mostly) healthy ingredients, dominate. Less time in the kitchen means more time poolside with guests, relaxing with wine. To that end, the editors at Wine Enthusiast have provided white, rosé, and red wine recommendations for the recipes in this special guide.

Of course, we encourage you to explore pairings independently, keeping a few tips in mind: Compare the main components of the dish, such as the dominant flavor, intensity, and the comparative level of fats to acids, with the main components of the wine, including its acidity, tannins, alcohol level, flavor type and intensity. These elements should enhance (not necessarily complement) one another. For example, a charred steak will overwhelm a delicate white. Then again, rules are meant to be broken, so have fun – that’s what summer is for.