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A premium boutique winery group, the Terras Gauda wineries were founded in 1989. The original Terras Gauda estates and winery are located in O Rosal, Rías Baixas; the group also encompasses Pittacum in D.O. Bierzo and Quinta Sardonia in the Douro area, the most recent addition to the group founded by Peter Sisseck.

Terras Gauda is a leader in working with the heirloom varieties of Rías Baixas, including Albariño and the rare Caiño Blanco, an indigenous grape used in the O Rosal blend and showcased in the limited bottling, Terras Gauda La Mar. Caiño Blanco almost disappeared from Rías Baixas in the 1980s, until Terras Gauda rediscovered its high quality and launched an ambitious replanting program in 1989.