Whether flip-flop season stretches into an Indian summer or you’re pulling boots from storage by mid-September, autumn brings a change of diet for us all. Market bounty progresses from fruits to roots, and the seasonal squash table swaps zucchinis for acorns and butternuts. We gravitate towards stronger, spicier, earthier flavors, and heartier grains and meat dishes. To that end, the editors at Wine Enthusiast have provided white, red, and sparkling wine recommendations for the recipes in this special guide.

Of course, we encourage you to play with pairings, keeping a few tips in mind. Think about the main components of the dish—the primary flavor, intensity, and ratio of fats to acids—and compare with the main components of the wine, including its acidity, tannins, alcohol level, flavor type and intensity. These elements should enhance not clash with one another. For example, a tannic red will smother many vegetable dishes. Then again, rules are meant to be broken, so have fun experimenting—it’s only food, after all.