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Beach Beverage + Music ‘Musts’

Grab the most refreshing summer sippers, turn up the speakers and sit back. Here are your go-to beach beverages and playlists.

To Drink:
Don’t be a snob and reach for the can. Wine coolers are now stepping up their game. Big players like Momofuku Beverage Director Jordan Salcito, or Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson of Frasca Food & Wine are challenging the wine bottle with cool can options. These perfectly-sized sippers taste delightful and are no-fuss.

To stay beach-body-ready, perhaps consider a digestif. Like the europeans, whip up a vermouth and soda. A few ounces of this aromatized wine, toned down with sparkling water or club soda, is as charming as it is delicious. Vermouths are based on grape must and macerated in herbs and spices like bitter orange, coriander, mint, mace, clove and angelica.

For something with a bit of sparkle, try a pétillant-naturel, from places like Bugey-Cerdon. These are made in the ancestral method, that predates Champagne and carry a slight sweetness. Produced from red grapes like gamay and poulsard, the wine picks up a slight watermelon-pink color. This is the rosé to pair with anything. The bit of residual sugar, bright acidity and low alcohol make it the perfect match for a summer bbq platter, charcuterie, cheese or desserts.

To Listen to:
To pair with your beach drink, here is the perfect summer playlist- Yé-Yé and Motown. Combining French pop music of the 1960s, dominated by upbeat and sharp young women, with soulful Motown classics, it is the perfect combination of Groovy and Chic!