Winery Profile: Señorio de Rubios

Winemaker: Jorge Hervella

Established in 2003, Señorío de Rubios currently has 105 partners working together to combine traditional and modern values and techniques in their winemaking. The Miño River runs through Señorío de Rubiós in the Condado do Tea sub-zone of Rías Baixas. Together with innovation comes a respect for the essence of Albariño and its natural taste, which can only come from well-cared for and properly harvested grapes.

Wine Characteristics:

There are basically three unique characteristics of Albariño. First, the grape has to achieve a point of optimum maturity in order to a make a great white wine. Second, as it matures, it acquires that natural acidity essential to create an aromatic wine; and third, the combination of the previous two together with a strong aromatic presence come together to create the best white wine in the world.

Favorite Place in Galicia:

In Galicia, my favorite sub-region is Condado do Tea because it has a special microclimate advantageous for the cultivation of Albariño, which leads to a perfect natural alcohol content and tight acidity. Another interesting and booming area in Galicia is the Monterrei Denomination of Origin that produces Godello, which is very fashionable at the moment.

On Winemaking:

The mine of the raw material is the base, the rest is rolled and produced during development with the aid of our existing technology in the warehouse, which we rely on the most. In brief, my wines are so pleasant to drink, you’ll want another glass because the tight acidity assembled with the structure and body of the wines are very attractive.

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