Winery Profile: Pazo de Señoráns

About The Winery:

Pazo de Señoráns is a family business on the site of a 16th-century Pazo, located in the Salnés Valley in Pontevedra. A Pazo is a traditional and stately home characteristic of the Spanish region of Galicia, yet it remains a mystery if it is the origin of the winery’s name. Since 1989, Pazo de Señoráns has been open for production, although the estate had been growing wine grapes since well before then. The winery is focused entirely on the Albariño variety allowing them to honor the typicity of the Albariño grape and the aging capacity of their wines. They believe wines such as these show the best of the Rías Baixas region.

About The Winemaker:

Ana Quintela Suárez has been a winemaker for Pazo Señorans since 1991. With her team, she works to create a white wine with great personality that has a long finish, a pleasant taste and long life.

Wine Characteristics: 

Pazo de Señoráns aims to make wines that reflect the characteristics of the area and the peculiarities of the Albariño variety by researching wine-growing and harvest techniques yearly and taking special care of their vines and process at all times. The winery strives to cultivate wines that express the maximum quality in each vintage.


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