Winery Profile: Paco & Lola

Winemaker: Nuria de la Torre Sayáns:

Wine Characteristics:
Albariño is characterized by being an Atlantic wine, closely linked to our terroir (climate and soil), which gives it unique differentiating element that are ideal both for the development of both young wines and aged wines.

Favorite Place in Galicia:
The beach at Lanzada – it is the perfect place to play sports or relax.

On Winemaking:
Paco & Lola wines are characterized by being faithful to the variety from which they come from – Albariño – and to the soil from where they are cultivated from. The basis of our wine is freshness harmonious in both nose and mouth. Our younger wines cover a full range of fruit and flower notes, while our wines aged on lees have more complex tones.

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