Winery Profile: Martin Codax

Winemaker: Katia Alvarez

Wine Characteristics:
What makes Albariño so special is without a doubt that is a very well-balanced wine, fresh and crisp. It is elegant, citrusy, and full of subtle aromas that invites you to drink. Albariño is versatile and easy to pair with almost any sort of food, which allows you to always find the right time to enjoy it and indulge.

Favorite Place in Galicia:
Any small secluded beach, like the ones you can find at the “Illa de Arousa”, where you can unwind and inhale the comforting smell of the sea.

On Winemaking:
Our wines try to reflect the place where they are made. They emphasize the characteristic freshness of our mild climate – humid without very high temperatures, the salinity and minerality coming from the Atlantic Ocean that bathes Rias Baixas and caresses our vineyards. For throughout the vinification process, our aim is to respect the terroir and preserve the essence of each of the vineyards, so we get the best expression of Albariño.

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