Winery Profile: As Laxas

Winemaker: Jorge Dominguez Hervella

The history of Bodegas As Laxas dates to 1975 when the family of Simon Ferro completed their inaugural harvest. As Laxas was one of the first wineries in Rías Baixas (prior to the official founding of the D.O.) and is a founding member of the Regulation Council of 1986.

The winery is located in the Miño River Valley, in the village of Arbo. The vineyards are over 30 years old and are planted on south-facing granite terraces between 500 and 650 feet. The exceptional microclimate is characterized by mild temperatures with an annual average of 60°F, very little frost and abundant rainfall. It is ideal for ripening, characterized by a higher sugar content and lower acidity level than more northerly areas of Rías Baixas that face more variable climates.

Albariño Characteristics:
Albariño is the most unique and best white wine in the world! What makes it unique? The grape matures for a long period of time allowing a balanced alcohol and acidity level with complex aromas, which translates into the wine’s fresh, fruity and persistent taste in the mouth.

Favorite Place in Galicia:
Of course, the Condado do Tea! We have a microclimate that allows one of the best conditions for Albariño’s cultivation (plus other varieties and even other crops), which in return, leads to a perfect balance of alcohol and acidity. Our location is the perfect environment within the valley of the Miño River but also just 30 minutes to the beaches of Rias Baixas and close to the first city of Galicia…what more can you ask for?

On Winemaking:
Our intention is to make wines for the consumers – lively, pleasant to drink – that show the fruit and invite you to drink a second glass. To reach our goals, we try to take special care of the grapes. Technology and our team help us achieve this.

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