Winery Profile: Bodegas Pablo Padín

Galicia has a long winemaking tradition popularized by the Romans cultivating the vine, and later, the Route to Santiago influenced the winemaking techniques. These wines had been exported to other European regions since the end of the Middle Ages, however, for centuries, Galicians kept the privilege to enjoy one of the finest white wines known. Today Bodegas Pablo-Padín proudly continues this tradition.

The winery is a family-owned winery devoted to the production of still and sparkling Albariño wines. The winery is located in the heart of the Salnés Valley, the original home of the Albariño grape as well as the oldest sub-zone of DO Rías Baixas. In 1984, the Padín-Garrido family started up a small business project founded on a long tradition of family wine growing and winemaking. The goal was to launch the production of Albariño wines to meet the growing demand from the region. In 1989, the modest firm formally launched as Bodegas Pablo Padín and incorporated into the recently founded DO Rías Baixas.

This progress fueled the modernization of the winery’s infrastructure and technology, combined with the family’s longstanding knowledge of the traditional elaboration of wine. This winning combination has allowed Bodegas Pablo Padín to present Albariño that ranks high among the wines of Rías Baixas. In 2012, Bodegas Pablo Padín added to their family legacy and became a pioneer in the production of one of the first sparkling Albariño wines from Rías Baixas, made in the Champenoise or Traditional Method inspired by the best of Champagne and Cava.

Close to its 25th anniversary, Bodegas Pablo Padín S.L. maintains all the enthusiasm and vitality to keep improving in order to attract and amaze every time their wines are uncorked.

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