Winery Profile: Bodegas La Val

Wine is made in the vineyard, this is Bodegas La Val’s philosophy in a nutshell.

Bodegas La Val, founded in 1985, is one of the pioneer brands in DO Rías Baixas. Initially, the winery was located in the town of O Rosal, close to the mouth of the Miño River, but moved to Finca Arantei in Condado do Tea in 2003.

Unusual for the area, La Val produces its wines solely from their estate grown grapes rather than buying from local growers. These vineyards span more than 148 acres in the sub-region of Condado do Tea and O Rosal, divided into four estates located in the villages of Salvatierra do Miño, As Neves and Tui, where they enjoy a very favorable micro-climate that allows for healthy ripening of the grapes. Soil types range from alluvial and granite to slate, allowing the winery to produce terroir-driven wines with a range of complexity and minerality.

Jose Maria Ureta, the current winemaker, has received great recognition for his work at La Val. When he’s not making wine, José Maria serves on the Tasting Committee of Consejo Rías Baixas—a quality control panel that samples all regional wines before bottling. Only those wines that pass the “organoléptico” examination earn the D.O. status of Rías Baixas.

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