Winery Profile: Bodegas Fillaboa

Winemaker: Isabel Salgado

The Winery:
Time stands still at Fillaboa. At Fillaboa, nature surrounds you. In addition to an exquisite garden of camellias, olive trees, magnolias and cork oaks, the Fillaboa vineyard is spectacular. Here, the earth meets the sky and the sea, allowing nature to speak through the vines. Only at Fillaboa can you disconnect your mind and awaken all of your senses, while being lulled by the soft Atlantic breeze. There are 74 hectares of Albariño vineyards that are divided into 12 delimited plots and oriented to the south, full of majestic grapevines and trellises.

The estate, dating back to the 17th century, is one of the oldest in Galicia and one of the largest in the land registry of Pontevedra. Fillaboa gets its name from the local legend of “La Hija Buena” (The Good Daughter) with many parallels to the story of Cinderella, similar in the sense that two daughters of a Count envied their younger sister. In this case, their father left the youngest sister his best land, called by its countrymen the “tierras fartas da fillaboa”.

Wine Characteristics:
Fillaboa is truly a haven of peace. Slender and beautiful vines grow on our vineyards that provide us with elegant grapes to make the most exquisite wines. Our wines are renowned as a benchmark of quality and an example of respect for the soil. While all our wines have their own unique style and a very distinctive character, we try to ensure that they all stand for our commitment to quality – the driving force in all spheres and processes of the production cycle.

We are artisans of wine. We produce in small volumes, we don’t believe in large productions; our focus is on having close control over the process to ensure the best end result. Making wine from our own vineyards, together with a determination to convey the character of the terroir in every bottle, are the common traits connecting all the different projects scattered around our Spanish landscape, forming a suggestive mosaic of varieties, colors, aromas and flavors.

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