Winery Profile: Bodegas Castro Martín

About the Winery
Bodegas Castro Martín is a family-owned and managed business dedicated to making Albariño of the highest quality in the Val do Salnés region. Built in 1981, the winery is obsessed with innovation. It was the first in the region to use stainless steel tanks for the production and storage of wine. Today, those tanks have been modified to include temperature-controlled cooling jackets and a nitrogen system to optimize wine storage conditions. The winery’s avant-garde character plays an important role in the story of Bodegas Castro Martín. One example is the use of top-quality synthetic corks to maintain the wine’s freshness and vivacity after many years of testing. The winery’s philosophy is simple: to innovate wherever possible while respecting the traditions of the denomination.

About the Winemakers
Angela and Andrew Martin are at the helm of Bodegas Castro Martín. With a degree in Biology and masters in Oenology from Madrid University, Angela took over the day-to-day management of Bodegas Castro Martín in 1993. She also serves as head winemaker. In 2002, her husband Andrew joined the team to oversee the winery’s marketing initiatives. The couple is involved in every aspect of production. They have dedicated their entire lives to the wine trade, which is practically in their blood.

Wine Characteristics
Quality and innovation are the two main values of the Bodegas Castro Martín wines. Angela and Andrew try to add elements that improve the quality of the Albariño every harvest, while always respecting the tradition of the Rías Baixas DO. There is hardly a vintage that passes without some small adjustment being made to the winemaking process to enhance the character and ‘typicity’ of the finished product. It is a never-ending quest. An Albariño made by Bodegas Castro Martín is a wine with a unique personality that showcases the winery’s work in every sip.

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