Winery Profile: Bodega Viña Nora

Winemaker: Eider Rodríguez

Wine Characteristics:
The Albariño variety is known for its fresh and aromatic wines with predominantly citrus notes such as apple, stone fruits and white flower. This freshness is derived from its acidity that allows the wines to have a great aptitude for aging on the lees and in barrels.

Favorite Place in Galicia:
Galicia has several unique places, but my favorites are the places in which I can enjoy the view of the winery with the sea in the background.

On Winemaking:
Nora is an elegant wine with complete and seducing aromatic notes in which fruit, white flower and anise are prevalent. In the mouth, it is fluid, bold and persistent and a mineral base is prevalent in the finish. This wine is born from the greatest selection of grapes within our winery. They are destined for processing, collected at their prime ripening point, subjected to a pre-fermentative maceration of 6 hours at low temperatures, and then fermented at 16ºC. After the fermentation, the wine is aged on fine lees for 4 months with bâtonnage; 10% of the production of this wine is fermented in barrels, giving it that complexity and elegance.

Nora da Neve is a bright, golden yellow due to its aging. It features elegant and seductive aromatics, with a marked varietal character, emphasizing aromas of ripe fruit and white flowers like chamomile. Subtle spicy notes reflect its aging in barrels. In the mouth, it is fleshy, fresh and long-lasting, allowing us to enjoy its complexity and elegance. It’s made using the Burgundian method in French oak barrels and aged with bâtonnage for 6 months, which provides complexity and power without altering the subtlety of the variety.

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