Winery Profile: Adegas Valmiñor

Winemaker: Cristina Mantilla

Tradition. Family. Friends. Devotion. Vocation. A wide range of words could describe the winery Adegas Valmiñor because it is a wide range of great things that lead into the same passion – the wines. The winery was first stablished in 1997, but its how-to-do tradition is ancestral. The team loves the Albariño grape, but also Treixadura, Loureiro, Caíño, and Castañal. Adegas Valmiñor loves the land, O Rosal, and all that it gives to them. They respect it and take care of it because it is their legacy. It is their life.

Wine Characteristics:
Albariño is one of the most unique varieties in the world due to its aromatic expressiveness and versatile elaboration. Thanks to its marked acidity, we can make young, fresh wines but also work with lees to elaborate more structured and voluminous wines. Albariño adapts very well to elaborations with wood but can maintain its characteristics and even allows aging for more than a year. The ability to elegantly combine fruity and floral aromas in the same glass is one of the most unique characteristics of Albariño in comparison to other varieties. Together with its mineral character, seasoned with the salinity straight from the sea from our coasts, each glass of Albariño is exquisite.

Favorite Place in Galicia:
Undoubtedly, it is the O Rosal Valley where the Santa Tecla Mountain stands – a place full of the magic of our ancestors, the Celts. There you can find thousand-year-old stone houses that still stand and tower next to the nearby Portuguese border and the Valmiñor vineyards that combine varieties of the highest quality including white grapes such as Loureiro, Caíño Blanco, and Godello and red grapes with Brancellao, Sousón, and Catañal. You can also experience a magnificent show with each sunset. The Miño gently surrenders its waters to the Atlantic, and the sea of fog that slowly covers the mouth of the river makes the most beautiful horizon for the setting sun. Because of this, it is my favorite place.

On Winemaking:
I have respect for the varietal aromas, and for what makes us unique: the marked Atlantic character of its microclimate with the granitic soils of the region. I focus on cold maceration in my winemaking technique for varieties such as Albariño and Loureiro. It increases the expressiveness of these varieties and softens the intensity of their acidity and aging on lees, which is not necessarily always in contact with wood, to achieve greater volume and smoothness on the palate.

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