Galician Gastronomy in Rias Baixas

Rias Baixas tourism has a lot to offer. While many travelers enjoy the outdoors, whether through a visit to the mountains or the beach, they also like to indulge in new gourmet experiences. Rias Baixas is the perfect destination for this. With a location that offers everything visitors could want, the region features many opportunities to discover natural phenomena via the Camino de Santiago, marine tourism, motorcycle routes and more. However, its greatest pleasure to enjoy is through the palate.

The richness of landscapes found in Rias Baixas translate into the quality of its regional products. Here food and wine is uniquely influenced by natural surroundings, making them unforgettable. The great extension of Galicia’s coastline is a significant supplier of exceptional seafood, including clams, mussels, cockles, oysters, velvet crab and octopus. This extensive selection of products is a great source of protein and minerals, and most importantly, they have very little fat. All of this food has to be accompanied by a good wine, and in Rias Baixas (as everyone knows!), Albariño reigns supreme.

One of the most famous regional dishes is the “Pulpo a feira”, a boiled octopus that is served on a wooden platter then drizzled with olive oil, salt, and hot paprika. Another favorite food is lobster. When served locally as a main dish, it is accompanied by rice, and during preparation, it’s important to keep the liquid inside the lobster to conserve its flavor. Wine is also combined with gastronomy in the popular dish, Sole with Albariño Sauce. This tasty recipe includes the base of half a cup of Albariño, an onion, a bay leaf and a clove of garlic, which imparts an enticing, special flavor.

Photography by Xurxo Lobato

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