A Wine and Gastronomy Tour of Rías Baixas

Traveling through Galicia means beautiful landscapes and rich gastronomy with one of the best Spanish wines, Albariño. Today we are exploring the beauty of this region through its main culinary offerings along the Rías Baixas route: vineyards, wineries, wines, seafood and fish.

Let’s start with the queen of the Galician vineyards, the Albariño grape, which grows in a relatively low soils next to the sea, near the rivers which open to the Atlantic Ocean. This gives Albariño wines a natural brininess to them as the grapes absorb the minerality of the soil, making it a perfect pairing companion to the seafood of the region. The route starts in the Monasterio de Armeteira, where the first Albariño grapes were planted by the Cistercian monks, and goes through emblematic buildings, horreos (a wood construction on four pillars) and historic pazos (old big houses characteristic from Galicia located in the country).

Our next stop is the Ria de Arousa. Here we discover a seafood farm where some of the best mussels and other seafood are grown. Afterwards in Cambados, the cradle of Albariño, we can enjoy a delightful appetizer at Casa Miguel, a tapas bar with a different menu every day. For lunch we stop at the Yayo Daporta restaurant, which has a full menu that includes two first courses, a second course, followed by dessert.

At night we go to the Parador Nacional, the old Pazo de Bazan of XVII, which has an excellent restaurant famous for its empanada of cockles. The delectable seafood and Albariño options make it the perfect end to our day.

Photography by Xurxo Lobato

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