52 Weeks of Albariño
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52 Weeks of Albariño Wines

52 Weeks of Albariño is your complete guide to the wines and the grape, from their homeland of Rías Baixas in northwest Spain, to food pairings and unique cultural experiences. After 52 Weeks of Albariño, you’ll be a Rías Baixas Albariño ambassador. Drop by often for new pairings, tips, and stories!

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Val do Salnés: The Birthplace of the Grape

If Rias Baixas is the homeland of Albariño, Val do Salnés is the grape’s birthplace. Surrounding the historic town of Cambados, Val do Salnés boasts the highest concentration of wineries and vineyards. This sub-region’s Atlantic Coast location provides perfectly cool and wet conditions for Albariño to thrive. Combined with rocky, granitic soils, ocean breezes contribute […]

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